I found Tirana


Suddenly a seagull

Flew into the sky of my soul,

And I could see her eyes filled with worries,

Her wings fluttering incessantly,

And, without even realizing it,

I fell into her whiteness.

She flitted about restlessly without cessation,

And I was so confused that I failed to invite her to stay.

But no, this beautiful sky

was not meant for that bird,

The winds of time had blown in it,

So she became a tear running down my face,

Then she suddenly left me and disappeared

As if she had never existed. 

Detajet rreth librit
Autori Dituri Meçi Dizdari
Shtëpia botuese Botimet Toena
Përkthyesi Ukë Zenel Buçpapaj

Libra të rinj

Numri i faqeve 80
Data e botimit Nëntor 2023
ISBN 9789928376893
Gjuha Shqip
Libër fizik
1500 Lekë

Dërgesa brenda 2-5 ditë pune